Saturday, January 17, 2009

YSA -- jUmP oN iT!!!!

Last night our YSA (Young Single Adults) had a region activity at Jump On It in Lindon. WOW, what a place. Trampolines everywhere. The activity didn't start until 9:00PM. So we were heading to Lindon and had some instructions on how to find the place. You can actually see it off I-15 on the west side of the road. BUT...once you take the exit it's a maze to find it...especially in the FOG! Well, we finally found it and got inside and was thrilled to see so many YSA's there jumping and have a great time. They keep the building cold, so if you don't jump, bring a jacket!!

There was some pretty amazing stunts going on! They had some snowboard looking feet ware that guys were doing jumps and twists with. There are basketball hoops around the gym too and a few games were going on.
There were a few minor boo-boo's, but nothing a band-aid couldn't fix.
Some YSA's looked like they were break dancing!
We got home around midnight. Driving 5MPH in the dense fog didn't get us home very fast. But once we found I-15 heading North, we drove out of the fog. Working with the YSA's is a lot of fun for Scott and me. They keep us young at heart! We enjoy seeing these 18 to 30 year olds mix and mingle and become friends! NOW...if we could just get them to marry each other! LOL


McEwens said...

That looks like a ton of fun! My inlaws live off the lindon exit, so next time we are there, we are going there!

::Jan:: said...

Now that is a perfect activity for those guys. Just awesome.

Lindsay said...

Dad looks scared out of his mind in that first picture!! LOL.

wonder woman said...

We have a similar place down here, but it's with all inflatables -- jumphouse things. More suited for kids. We love it.

What a great idea for an activity!

beth at aunties said...

It looks like so much fun! I am thrilled we had such an awesome turn out! Sorry about the reeky stench and I am glad everyone finally found the place... the cell phone numbers will help a bunch.
Look at Kristin fly:) Go Girl!
Thanks for posting the pictures!
Next months will be fun too:)
I am so excited Lindsay! And YOU guys:) Your life is about to change for the magical....♥

Tink said...

That's AWESOME! I'm glad you had a lot of fun. I took my daughter to Jumping Jacks (those big bouncy things to play on) and you are right, if you aren't jumping, it's COOOLD! I had my coat on plus all of the other kids' jackets across my lap to keep me warm! Ha. Glad you had such a great time.