Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HOLY Pumpkin's!

After Scott had his surgery I decided I'd better get out in the yard and get some yard work done so he wouldn't go out and do it. He was suppose at keep his leg elevated and not put a lot of strain on it. But...knowing my hubby like I do, he would have been out there working and doing things he shouldn't. We grew 5 fun pumpkins this year. Can't wait to carve them!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's About Time!!!

For the past 7 years (that we know about) Scott has had a vein in his right leg that was leaking. This caused him a lot of legs achs, swolen legs, and varicose veins, plus his ankle looked like someone took a bat and beat him with it. After all these years of me begging him to get it taken care of, he finally listened to me! We went to three different vein specialists and the third one was the winner for us. Dr. Peter Jensen from Utah Vein Specialists was the doctor that finally convinced Scott about getting the surgery done.

Dr. Jensen did the procedure in his office by Alta View Hospial. Scott did not get put under or even take a Valium to calm his nerves. (Man I would have taken 2 or 3) We got into the office at 2:30 and after 2 hours, Scott walked out of the office. Dr. Jensen went in thru Scott's ankle with a catheter and numbed the vein as he went up to his thigh. Then as he came back down the vein he burned the vein closed. He completely closed off his Great Saphenous Vein. Then he removed several large varicose veins caused by his vein not working properly. I'm so glad he finally got this procedure done, if you'd like to learn more about this procedure go to www.VeinsMatter.com

Friday, September 19, 2008


Friday morning we loaded our 4-wheelers and headed for Hyrum Canyon. We took our good friend Don with us. Kristin did have school or work and wanted to come along too. We unloaded our bikes at Left Hand Fork Canyon and headed up to Logan Peak. When we got to Logan Peak we were at 9700 feet. It was so cool, you could see Logan and Hyrum. There lady bugs every where. We had some fun with fruit roll up, they were the tatoo kind and we tatoo'd our tongues. We went to Old Ephraims grave. Old Ephraim is grizzler bear that was killed by a rancher, and a scout troop decided to build a monument for the bear. Then we headed to Grey Cliff's Spring. It was amazing how water can come out of a mountain like that. It is so clear and beautiful. There were little fish in the spring. It was nice to wash off, we were all covered in dirt! The canyon was in brilliant colors. We couldn't take in enough of the beauty. We didn't see a lot of wild life this trip, only some jack rabbits, squirles, sage hens and hawks. No deer, elk or bears!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paiute Trail

At 4:30 on 9/4/08 we all headed out for Richfield UT....(Scott, Me, Dad, Russ, Jaren & Quintin) We stayed at the Quality Inn. On 9/5 at 7:00 am we ate breakfast then drove to Marysvale UT, we parked the truck, unloaded the 4-wheelers, then started our fun. We saw beautiful country. Got up above 11,000 feet. We wondered if we'd get any snow, but nope, we didn't. We rode that day for 10 hours, then loaded the 4-wheelers and drove over to Hoovers (not Hooters!) for dinner. OMG, I ordered a chicken fried steak dinner and when the waitress brought it, I just started laughing..I kid you not, this steak was 10" in diameter!! It was HUGE, I didn't even eat 1/2 of it. Scott picked at it some, but I felt so bad leaving so much of it. On Saturday morning after breakfast we drove to Richfield Park and unloaded the 4-wheelers again and drove up Fish Lake National Forest, which is still part of the Paiute Trail. We rode for about 6 hours, came back to the park, loaded up and drove home. Now the yucky part! Unpacking, laundry, and facing real life again! I love these adventures with family. They are great memories and wonderful times together! My little nephews were a lot of fun to be with. They were throwing rocks down mountains, stabbing grasshoppers with sticks, and wresteling with each other! We saw lots of cows, a few deer, waterfalls, streams, a blow snake and Mountain Goats. We have some of the most amazing mountains in this GREAT state of Utah! Gotta Love It!! We put over 123 miles on the 4-Wheeers....WAHOO!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our BEAUTY QUEENS Thru The Years