Friday, September 26, 2008

It's About Time!!!

For the past 7 years (that we know about) Scott has had a vein in his right leg that was leaking. This caused him a lot of legs achs, swolen legs, and varicose veins, plus his ankle looked like someone took a bat and beat him with it. After all these years of me begging him to get it taken care of, he finally listened to me! We went to three different vein specialists and the third one was the winner for us. Dr. Peter Jensen from Utah Vein Specialists was the doctor that finally convinced Scott about getting the surgery done.

Dr. Jensen did the procedure in his office by Alta View Hospial. Scott did not get put under or even take a Valium to calm his nerves. (Man I would have taken 2 or 3) We got into the office at 2:30 and after 2 hours, Scott walked out of the office. Dr. Jensen went in thru Scott's ankle with a catheter and numbed the vein as he went up to his thigh. Then as he came back down the vein he burned the vein closed. He completely closed off his Great Saphenous Vein. Then he removed several large varicose veins caused by his vein not working properly. I'm so glad he finally got this procedure done, if you'd like to learn more about this procedure go to


Lindsay said...

Your leg looks pretty gross dad. Glad you finally got the surgery though! Love you.

Clark Captions said...

Wow Lonna! That just sounds so yucky, but I am so glad that he had it done. Hopefully he won't have to suffer with that pain anymore! Ouch! And yes!! Let's get together for lunch again. Monday's and Wednesday's are the best for me! Yay!