Thursday, September 4, 2008

Paiute Trail

At 4:30 on 9/4/08 we all headed out for Richfield UT....(Scott, Me, Dad, Russ, Jaren & Quintin) We stayed at the Quality Inn. On 9/5 at 7:00 am we ate breakfast then drove to Marysvale UT, we parked the truck, unloaded the 4-wheelers, then started our fun. We saw beautiful country. Got up above 11,000 feet. We wondered if we'd get any snow, but nope, we didn't. We rode that day for 10 hours, then loaded the 4-wheelers and drove over to Hoovers (not Hooters!) for dinner. OMG, I ordered a chicken fried steak dinner and when the waitress brought it, I just started laughing..I kid you not, this steak was 10" in diameter!! It was HUGE, I didn't even eat 1/2 of it. Scott picked at it some, but I felt so bad leaving so much of it. On Saturday morning after breakfast we drove to Richfield Park and unloaded the 4-wheelers again and drove up Fish Lake National Forest, which is still part of the Paiute Trail. We rode for about 6 hours, came back to the park, loaded up and drove home. Now the yucky part! Unpacking, laundry, and facing real life again! I love these adventures with family. They are great memories and wonderful times together! My little nephews were a lot of fun to be with. They were throwing rocks down mountains, stabbing grasshoppers with sticks, and wresteling with each other! We saw lots of cows, a few deer, waterfalls, streams, a blow snake and Mountain Goats. We have some of the most amazing mountains in this GREAT state of Utah! Gotta Love It!! We put over 123 miles on the 4-Wheeers....WAHOO!!


Clark Captions said...

This is sooo cool Lonna!!! Absolutely beautiful! What a great way to spend the weekend. I'm jealous, and I know Kyle would be too! I'm glad you were able to break away for a few days. How fun!

Clark Captions said...

What an amazing weekend for you Lonna! I am soo jealous, and I know Kyle would be too! It looks like it was beautiful, and I am so glad that you were able to break away for a bit! Yay!