Tuesday, May 13, 2008

TOPAZ Mountain 4-Wheelin'

Dad, Scott, Lindsay and I had the day off and decided to take the 4-wheelers out. We drove for over an hour in the truck out west, a lot of it on dirt road, we unloaded the bikes and rode them to Topaz Mountain. It was like a diamond mine. Every where you looked it glittered on the mountain with chips of Topaz! We spent quite a while collecting topaz off the mountain.

Then we rode to another spot and collected obsidian rocks. Obsidian is black shiny rocks made from lava. There were rocks everywhere on the ground.

On our way back to the truck we saw this shack looking structor. I think it must have been what they used in the olden days to load Ore into trucks or wagons after mining it?

We made several stops to get a drink or a treat on the trail. We got home pretty late that day, but we didn't care...we had a blast and made great memories!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lindsay's Graduation from USU

Saturday Morning we all headed to USU to see Lindsay receive her diploma. What an exciting day! We are so very proud of Lindsay and her accomplishment!