Thursday, January 15, 2009

OUTwith the OLD and IN with the NEW!

WELL...I finally got it! NEW CARPET!!! Yipee, Wahoo, and Cheers! We have been in our house almost 13 years, and it was a model home 1 year before we moved this carpet is 14 years old and in desperate need of being replaced! We called several places, and got 4 bids...and FINALLY made our decision. Lowe's outbid the other 3 place by $2,000....and that's a lot of Moolah!

I lived with this crease in our bedroom for 13 years. When we moved in, there was a creek when you would walk from our bedroom into the bathroom. So my sweet hubby, who is a perfectionist, decided he was going to lift the carpet and screw in some nails to stop the creek noise. Well, we all know what happens when you do that...the carpet is never the same. We really needed to have someone come and stretch it back into place...but NEVER did. UGH
Our stairs from the entry way to the bedrooms were turning BLACK they are suppose to be BEIGE.
While the installers were here, we noticed all these robins out in our front yard just sitting in our trees and on the snow. They would fly in together, rest in the trees, then fly out together. It was quite the fun entertainment since we really didn't have anywhere we could go without being in the installers way.
AWE....the new carpet in our TV Room.
Our Bedroom has NO creases in the carpet. WAHOO!!!
They even made our stairs look better by tucking under the lip of each stair.
I love our new carpet. I still can smell the new carpet smell when I walk into the house and love that smell! NOW, we need new counters and cabinets in the KITCHEN. LOL


Lindsay said...

I like this picutre of the birds. I tried to get some, but they would fly off everytime I got your camera out.

Michelle said...

LOVE the new carpet!! I bet it feels so soft and squishy under your feet!! And I love the pictures of the fat robins! Very cool!

beth at aunties said...

I am doing the happy dance for you!
Just after almost 10 years of having so many live with us... I want 'new too!

Tink said...

Yay! And I can attest that it is GORGEOUS! Your whole house is GORGEOUS! Everything in it is a walking Home & Gardens. You are certainly blessed! It's beautiful.