Monday, August 11, 2008

Now THIS is Livin'!!

Today we loaded up the Polaris 4-wheelers and Scott, Dad and I headed up American Fork Canyon. We unloaded the bikes at Tibble Fork and headed up the trails. OMG is was BEAUTIFUL! The sky was so blue, the foliage so many colors and green and the wild flowers, they were everywhere in reds, yellows, puples, oranges. We saw majestic trees, butterflies flying all over and the smell of the canyon was so crips, clean and sometimes even sweet. The streams were full of running water and the water was so crystal clear and cool. The temperature was in the 50's at 9,000 feet and then warmed up as we came back down the canyon. We stopped at an old mine and collected hands full of Fool's Gold. I rode with Scott this trip, and while I was riding and taking in all the beauty, I just felt loved and at peace. I was so thankful and greatful for the chances I have to go with family and LIVE!! It's so amazing that in less than an hours drive you can be away from the TV, phone and rush of traffic. You are driving along a dirt road that have a creek running to the side with huge rocks and trees and you just are so happy to be there and not at work, or at home cleaning, or anywhere else. It's like you are in another world and it is so peaceful and glorious!


3 Docs and A Diva said...

It looks like a wonderful time... actually it looks like you play a great deal of the time as it should be!;)

Clark Captions said...

How beautiful Lonna! Wish I could have come! Thanks so much for the lunch today. IT was great to see you and get a little caught up! Let's don't wait so long next time:)