Friday, August 22, 2008

A Day At Daniels Summitt

Today, Dad, Kristin, Griffin, Scott and I loaded up the 4-wheelers and headed to Springville. Then from there up Hobble Creek Canyon. We unloaded and drove the dirt roads to Daniels Summit for some lunch. This is a pretty rocky and rough trail, but the scenery is beautiful. We drove up to Strawberry Peak and was able to view Strawberry Reservoir, Timpanogas, and Wallsburg. We didn't see much wild life this trip like we did last year when we saw lots of deer and a mother black bear with her two baby cubs. But we did see horses, sheep, cows and lots of chipmunks. Our Polaris got a flat tire and that held us up for a bit having to repair it. Luckily we had a couple repair kits and a pump in our supplies. When we got back to the truck and trailer to load up, we were all pretty brown....from all the dirt. We had some wipes we brought so we each had a sponge bath before heading home.


Lindsay said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Wish we could have came!