Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Activities

The Saturday before EASTER we had a family egg hunt and lunch at my parents home. All my brothers and their families were there except for Terrol & his family who live in Las Vegas. We had a fun time being together! The nieces and nephews enjoy being together and LOVED hunting for their eggs around the house. And of course everyone loved getting to hold Baby Laryssa and Baby Jaxon.
Great Grandma Payne holding Laryssa

Baby Laryssa and Baby Jaxon

On Easter Sunday, Lindsay, Zach, Laryssa, and Scott's mom and dad came over for a ham and potatoes dinner. This is the fiist year since Scott and I have been married, that I fixed an Easter dinner for the family. We have always gone to Scott parents on Easter Sunday, but Scott's mom had hurt her back and was unable to cook for the whole famiily. So we invited them over to join us. It was so much fun!

Kristin, Scott, Lindsay, Laryssa and Zach

Laryssa in her Easter dress
Aunt Kristin and Baby Laryssa
Great Grandma and Grandpa Anderson
I Looked Out The Window and What Did I See....
Pop Corn Popping!


Jodi said...

Laryssa is such a cutie. I am sure you are just loving being a grandma. You have such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing hte pictures.

Beth at Aunties said...

She is so beautiful and looks like she belongs! Lindsay also looks great!!!
I hope Scott's mom recover's quickly!
Hope we see you this afternoon at Stake YSA meeting!

I just saw Kev and Jamie for 3-5 minutes...He has to catch a plane in less than an hour! They had 1 day together, yesterday to sign papers on their new home in G.J. They drove up this morning.
Soon, they can actually live together:) The continual parting is about over for them.
He graduates on the 16th of May. Wahoo!

Melissa said...

Oh my, she is DARLING!

Tink said...

What beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Easter celebration. And don't you love the blossoms on the trees? Ahhhh, it's finally spring! Yahoo!