Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happiest Place On Earth?

When you are with the one that you LOVE!

Scott and I gave each other tickets to Disneyland for Christmas. And then we waited and waited for February 4th to come so we could fly out! We fly to Long Beach (hole in the wall) Airport, got our car rental and drove to our Hotel by Disneyland.

It was around 80 degrees that day! And...we were over dressed. But the day was perfect! We didn't have to wait for any rides, we were able to walk on almost every ride! Later in the day we decided to ride Spash Mountain! So glad we waited...we got DRENCHED. We had to call our hotel and have to shuttle come pick us up, our clothes were soaked and we were cold. The next day was nice until the afternoon, then it started to rain. Scott had been watching the weather for California, so we took our rain coats with us. And very glad we did. It was a down pour. But, that didn't stop us! The majority of the rides are inside so we would run from ride to ride. Again we didn't have to wait for the rides.
This is the first time in 26 years (other than our Honeymoon) that we have taken a vacation away together without anyone coming with us. It was a wonderful time! Isn't this what it's all about? Spending time with the one you love and love being with that person? After 26 years of being together...I am still madly in love with my sweetie!


Michelle said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! How neat to be able to go just the two of you. It's too bad it rained so much, but it looks like you guys made the best of it!

Lindsay said...

Love the Disney background!! Glad you guys were able to go on a trip together.

Clark Captions said...

Oh Lonna! This is sooo awesome! I would love to go and do that with Kyle. You've got me thinking! I am glad you had such a great time! Yay!!