Friday, December 26, 2008

It Is Already Come & Gone.....

Christmas Eve was an eventful day for us. I had to work, which was a bummer, cuz everyone else got to have the day off. But...I thought, it'll be okay, it'll go fast. So I got up at 5:30 was getting ready, and had this strange thought that I should take the truck. So I looked outside and it was not snowing. So I just blew the thought off (bad choice)! I'm on my way in to work and 2 blocks from my office, my check engine light comes on, and seconds later my oil light comes on. I am praying I can make it 2 blocks to work. Get there, and have one of my colleagues come out with me, we check the dip stick...not a drop of oil. He asks me how I made it to work and I tell him the story. We added 4 quarts of oil and it finally registers on the dip stick. I decide to drive around the block to see what happens, and when I get back I notice a huge puddle of oil where my car was parked. Scott (bless his heart) drives to my work, checks a bunch of stuff, everything seems tight. We finally have to have it towed. Come to find out...a seal went bad and drained all the oil!! The part was all of $13.00 BUT to put it on the car came to $506...OUCH!! Not quite the Christmas gift I truly wanted. But at least it now works and we didn't have to get a new car.We made it on time to Scott parents home for the Christmas Eve Family Party and had a wonderful time visiting with brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles and cousins.

Alisa, Lindsay (pregnant with baby Laryssa), and Kristin chillin at grandma & grandpa's house.
Rick, Aaron and Shauna enjoying all the fun.
Scott with little brother Trent...aren't they handsome guys??!!
CHRISTMAS morning...Scott got Scene It - Seinfield. We love this show and our kids won't even play this game with us, cuz they know we will kick butt on it! HA HA HA
At my parents house. Me with my Brother Russ, Dad, Jason & Boyd. Just one brother missing who lives out of state. :( Love these guys!
Lindsay and Zach get new pillows! They were so excited. After 4 years of marraige, their old ones were pretty flat.
My good looking nephews, Karson, Quintin and Jaren. They are sporting their new biker jackets.
Me, Kristin and Dad ooooing and goooooing over our precious little nephew (cousin & grandson) that was born on the 14th. We couldn't get enough of him. He is so darn cute and such a happy baby.


Lindsay said...

Hey copy cat, nice background! Christmas always goes by way to fast. Thanks for all the great presents, Zach is playing guitar hero right now!

Jan said...

Looks like a lot of happy times over there. It came to fast and left to soon. It is so fun to be around family and friends isn't it?

Thanks for sharing.

Redhoodoos said...

Sorry about the car problems!!! These things always happen when it's inconvenient!!

Glad you had a nice Christmas, though! Miss you and would love to get together sometime.

Tink said...

I love the look of your blog for the new year!! Sooo sorry you had such car trouble on christmas Eve! I had to work too, so we should have gotten together, but from the sounds of it, you couldn't with all the car trouble! Oye. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day! Isn't it wonderful having good family and friends around to celebrate with?

Clark Captions said...

How fun Lonna! It looks like you guys had a great Christmas!!! I am sooo sorry about your car, that is a real bummer. I can't wait to hook up soon! We need to get together and get all caught up again. Take Care and let's put a date on the calendar! Love ya! Stacey