Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Speeding Ticket -UGH!!

So...a couple of weeks ago on a Friday, Kristin asked me to follow her to the car dealership to drop her car off because the part had come in and they needed to keep her car for awhile.
So...being the wonderful mom that I am, I jumped into my car and stared driving to the South Towne Center of car city!!

For those of you who may drive in South Jordan...WARNING....the speed limit off 106th and Redwood is ONLY 35 MPH until after 1300 West! GEEZZZZ, that is way too slow.
Needless to say I thought it was 45, WRONG! There is road construction on the south west corner of Redwood Road and 106th and then there is this little 35MPH sign posted right behind all the construction right by the Del Taco.
I get pulled over by a female cop for going 47 in a 35. This is my first offence EVER, in my 30 years of drivng. No warning, no reduced mileage!
So I call the South Jodan Justice Court to find out how I go about paying my ticket. The lady who answers tells me I should come in and plead with the Judge of So. Jordan since this is my first offence.
So today after work I go to the Justice Court Building to plead my case. This Judge is as hard as mercy in his court for firstt time offenders. So needless to say I have to pay $107 speeding ticket and $50 for traffice school online so the points will be removed from by license. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME.
Just want to warn you all out there, SLOW down around 106th and East of Redwood's a SPEED TRAP!


wonder woman said...

Double yuck. I had my first (and only, so far!) offense a few years ago, going down a hill in Orem. Just as I realized how fast I was going, I saw the cop. I think it was exactly like yours - 47 in a 35. Somehow I was able to just go to traffic school and not pay a fine. But here's the kicker - I really enjoyed traffic school! I feel like I learned a lot and it's stuff I think about all the time. So good luck!

Tink said...

OUCH! That's a pricy ticket! Sooo sorry to hear that. Too bad the judge was a stickler. Thanks for the heads up on 106th!