Thursday, October 2, 2008


The rules of the tag are to name 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 others. Let the randomness begin!

1. I am an organizer! I hate it when things are not organized. It absolutely drives me NUTS. Everything needs its place.When things are not organized I feel panic and actually have to stop what's going on and organize.

2. When I am mad or in a bad mood....I clean! It's the BEST way for me to get out of a bad mood or get out my frustration.

3. I love to Scrapbook. It's my way of showing I have an Art Talent! I can't wait to finish a book. I have a whole Scrapbook room will all my stuff. It is PACKED. Closet, walls and shelves. It's my get away. I love to go back thru the books I've completed and reminisce.

4. I thoroughly enjoy yard work. I love being out in my yard planting, mowing, weeding, and pruning! I would rather be working out in the yard any day versus working in the house. I hate house work, but I do love a clean house.

5. I have a few nicknames I acquired thru the years. LD, LonnaDonna, LJ, Jo, sis, shortie, munchkin, and punkin.

6. I love to go 4-wheeling. I have my very own Yamaha 450 Kodiak 4-wheeler. We have been to some of the most fun and amazing places in Utah on our 4-wheelers. I don't mind riding with Scott at times on his 4-wheeler, but when I can I'd much rather be blazing my own trail and enjoying the ride.

7. I have a very strange talent and that is....I can pinch really good with my toes. I've caused a few people some really nice bruises, just ask my brothers, hubby and girls.

So now I tag 7 people and then I will stalk your blogs and learn random things about you. I tag my real life friends and family: Cheryl, Stacey, JD, Whitney, Lindsay, & Kristin. Only did 6, but my friends and family have to do 7. LOL


Redhoodoos said...

LOL! Love it. I know how organized you are!! Your desk was always immaculate. And I don't remember you ever being in a bad mood!!

Lindsay said...

I tagged dad on my blog...

Clark Captions said...

Oh Lonna! I can so relate to a couple of your little random's!! I'll get busy on responding to my "tag." I would love to lunch again soon!!!! Especially while the weather is stil so nice. MON/WED are the best days for me....let me know your thoughts, and maybe we can drag Katie B. away from her chair for a few minutes to join us.